The Members of Freehold Congregational Christian UCC, celebrate the diversity in which God created humanity, called us ‘Good' and declared us beloved.

We follow Jesus Christ who taught us that the greatest commandment is to Love God and Love our Neighbor.  And who, when he left us,  declared to those who would follow him that we should above all, Love one another. 


We declare we are a  welcoming and inclusive church and that our doors and ministry are open to all without exception.


We affirm and honor the sacred value, worth, and dignity of every person.


We celebrate the diversity in creation.

Because of these beliefs we welcome everyone into our community of spiritual life.  All ages and races,  all gender expressions, all religious traditions,  all sexual orientations,  all economic statuses,  all physical, emotional, and mental states of being.  


We recognize and affirm relationships created and lived in love, equality, and personal covenant, we embrace traditional and non-traditional families as well as single persons.


All people, regardless of where they are on their personal faith journey, are invited to share in the full life and leadership, ministry, fellowship, worship, responsibilities, and blessings of our fellowship.

As a Christian community, we acknowledge past mistakes and hurt to persons perpetrated by the church… and we take on the urgent mission to reach out to those who have been excluded from spiritual communities or from the community at large.


We commit to model a community of faith and spirit that offers justice, healing, and wholeness of life for all people.


As followers of Jesus Christ, who invited all persons to his table, we believe that our diversity is the strength and beauty in our fellowship. 


Because of these beliefs and practices, in partnership with other congregations of our denomination, The Freehold Congregational Christian UCC declares itself to be an Open and Affirming Church.

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