Meet our Pastor, The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Lee Tiernan, OM: 


Jennifer has had a lifelong interest in religion, mythology, folk tales, mysticism, wisdom traditions, and storytelling. She believes these natural inclinations are the reason she sensed a call to ministry in her teens.


Jennifer earned her Bachelors degree from The New York Institute of Technology, with a triple major in Business, Philosophy, and Sociology.

 She studied at The New Seminary in New York City completing their two-year course of study in world religions and ministry. 


Jennifer was ordained at St. John the Divine (NYC) in 2002. 


She entered Drew Theological School in 2006 and completed a Master of Divinity.  She did two years of post M.Div. training at Drew in ministries of spiritual growth and formation and also completed the spiritual directors training program at Linwood spiritual center.  In June of 2016 Jennifer received her Doctor of Ministry in spiritual direction (with an emphasis on Jungian intersections with human spirituality)


Jennifer is also an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church (the Church she was raised in)  but moved her ordained clergy membership to the United Church of Christ, the church where "God is still speaking" when it was clear that she could not,  "walk in shoes that were too small."

Jennifer has a deep devotion to Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

When not thinking, speaking, talking, teaching or writing about God  & spirituality - she enjoys time with Tracie and Sami, breeding hedgehogs, horseback riding, letterboxing, Yoga, reading, Zentangle, coloring, making dreadlocks, and learning new things.